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On March 24, 2017, Gov. Doug Ducey signed Arizona House Bill 2208 allowing Arizona schools to stock and administer emergency albuterol inhaler medication to children experiencing respiratory distress. Arizona is currently the 11th state to pass a school stock albuterol program. The legislation allows for school nurses, health clerks and non-medical personnel, after the completion of training and a signed standing order, to administer the medication with a spacer or holding chamber to a child experiencing signs and symptoms of respiratory distress. The goal of a school stock albuterol program is to reduce the amount of time away from the classroom and keep children in school, this includes reducing the number of calls to 911. Thayer Medical was actively involved in the language of the legislation as well as supporting the necessary research that provided critical data behind the legislation. For more on the Arizona protocol click here  to visit the Arizona Asthma Coalition website.

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