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Corporate Background:

Thayer Medical was founded in 1988, by two respiratory therapists to design and develop innovative solutions for the respiratory care market. The product line includes ventilator circuit components, hand-held medication delivery devices and airway clearance devices.

The ventilator circuit products, the Valved Tee™ and MiniSpacer®, are used in acute care settings where patients are breathing with the assistance of ventilators; these products provide medication access ports into ventilator breathing circuits. They are primarily used by hospitals and long term care facilities.

The hand-held holding chambers are designed to aid in the delivery of aerosolized medications via metered dose inhalers (MDI). The LiteAire® holding chamber is a collapsible and easily portable device made from paperboard; it serves many short term uses in settings such as emergency departments, acute and urgent care facilities and isolation rooms, as well as, pulmonary function testing applications. The holding chambers are used by hospitals, clinics, schools, emergency medical services, pharmacies and home care providers.

Thayer’s PrimeAire® holding chamber is a cleanable, plastic device intended for patients who use MDIs on a long term basis.

The Quake® airway clearance device operates independent of the user’s flow and position while percussing the lungs during both inhalation and exhalation. It is designed to loosen secretions and assist in airway clearance of patients suffering from various respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis, pneumonia and other pulmonary conditions and diseases.

Each time the healthcare professional interacts with a patient it creates an opportunity to increase the level of care for that person and to provide valuable services more efficiently and cost-effectively. Along the continuum of patient interactions from advising on patient self-management to hospital or physician office care, our products provide a variety of innovative solutions.

Thayer Medical holds several U.S. and international patents for the products.

Thayer Medical is certified to ISO 13485:2016, the international standard for quality management systems for medical device manufacturers. Thayer Medical’s products have been granted the CE mark as required by the European Union. In order to support European customers, a distribution center exists in Europe.

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