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Quake Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who may benefit from using the Quake?
A. Individuals suffering from various mucus producing respiratory diseases.

Q. Does the Quake work on exhalation only?
A. No, the Quake provides percussion in the lungs during both inhalation and exhalation.

Q. Does the user need to remove the Quake from their mouth during inhalation?
A. No, since the Quake works on both inhalation and exhalation, the Quake may remain in the user’s mouth during the inhalation and exhalation cycles.

Q. Does the Quake require the user to exhale rapidly during the exhalation phase?
A. No, the Quake is flow independent, allowing the user to exhale at any given flow rate and tidal volume during the therapy to create percussion differentials within the lungs.

Q. Does the user need to hold the Quake in a specific position during therapy?
A. No, the Quake is position-independent and the user may be in any position – sitting, standing or lying down.

Q. How fast does the user need to turn the handle during therapy?
A. The frequency of handle rotation can vary depending on the user’s needs. By rotating the handle quickly, a higher percussion frequency is generated with lower pressure differentials in the lungs. During slower handle rotation, a greater pressure differential is produced at a lower percussion frequency. The user may alter both the rate of inhalation/exhalation and the speed of the handle rotation to find the combination which produces the best personal result.

Q. Should the user suppress a cough during therapy?
A. Yes, for best results, the user should suppress the desire to cough until completion of the therapy cycle.

Q. What should the user do if the treatment does not produce a cough?
A. After removing the Quake from the mouth, the user should exhale forcefully to help loosen the secretions. If this does not trigger a productive cough, the user should attempt a “huff cough to help force the secretions from the airways.

Q. Does the Quake contain natural latex?
A. No, neither the Quake nor its packaging contains natural latex.

Q. Does the Quake have any internal parts?
A. No, the Quake has two parts: the outer housing (blue body) that contains the mouthpiece and the inner housing (gray barrel) that attaches to the soft touch handle.

Q. Does the Quake accommodate a 22mm connection?
A. Yes, it fits most 22mm connections.

Q. How is the Quake disassembled for cleaning?
A. The Quake consists of two simple parts which pull apart for cleaning and are easily reassembled. Please consult the instructions for use for detailed information.

Q. How is the Quake cleaned?
A. After disassembling, the Quake should be cleaned with soap and water and/or disinfected in boiling water.

Q. How often should the Quake be cleaned?
A. Once a week or more frequently as needed.

Q. After cleaning the Quake, may others use the device?
A. The Quake is intended for single patient use only.

Q. Can the Quake be sterilized?
A. No, sterilization is not recommended.

Q. Does the Quake require a prescription?
A. Yes, the Quake is a medical device requiring a prescription or order from a licensed practitioner.

Q. Is the Quake reimbursable?
A. Yes, the following are the reimbursement codes for airway clearance devices.

CPT Codes – (replaces codes 94667 & 94668
94669 Mechanical chest wall oscillation to facilitate lung function, per session.

HCPCS Code- Device
E0484 Non-Electric, Oscillator Positive Expiratory Device, Any type, each.

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