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PrimeAire Additional Product Information

Unique Dual -Valve

Single piece valve has dual functions:

One-way inhalation valve:

  • Lower flap opens when patient inhales to provide a direct path for aerosolized drug to flow from chamber into the mouthpiece
  • Closes against valve seat when patient exhales to re-direct exhaled breath

One-way exhalation valve:

  • Upper flap opens when patient exhales allowing exhaled breath to flow out
  • Closes when patient inhales

Visible Valve

  • Clear mouthpiece and colored valve
  • Low resistance of valve allows patient to breathe normally through the PrimeAire
  • Unnecessary to remove device from mouth to exhale

Standard 22mm outer diameter (OD) Mouthpiece

  • The standard 22mm OD taper mouthpiece on the PrimeAire accommodates a variety of face mask sizes

Use and Performance with Most MDIs

Dose Output Comparison to other MDI Holding Chambers


Foss, S., White Paper- Total Dose Output for MDI, Thayer Medical, Tucson, AZ, Fall 1999

  • The pliable opening for the MDI actuator accommodates a variety of shapes
  • The PrimeAire enables the MDI drug particle sizes to remain concentrated toward the “respirable” 1-5
    micron range
  • MDI opening holds actuator firmly in an upright position

Chamber Design

  • Mouthpiece and MDI adapter parts are removable for easy cleaning
  • Uniquely designed end keeps chamber from rolling
  • Volume of PrimeAire is approximately 175 mL
  • Chamber and mouthpiece are high impact durable plastic
  • Audible coaching whistle

Cleaning Information

  • Wash in warm soapy water

Instructions for Use

  • Instructions for Use include illustrations to reinforce proper use of the device

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