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Why Thayer Medical’s LiteAire Holding Chamber?

LITEAIRE FEATURES: stores flat, pops up for use, and collapses for storage until reused or disposed. A 184cc Holding Chamber, a clear viewing window, both inhalation and exhalation valves and labeled for one week’s use.

SAVINGS: Savings are realized by matching each clinical application to a holding chamber meeting the needs of that use: Use plastic holding chambers where needed and the lower-cost LiteAire where it meets the clinical needs.  The savings is achieved by selecting the LiteAire for each clinical use where appropriate and encouraging patient compliance.

CALCULATING SAVINGS: Hospital systems may purchase a variety of holding chambers at different price points from several vendors. Compare the total amount spent, the average price paid and how usage is allocated over different clinical applications. For applications where the LiteAire meets the clinical needs, the per unit savings is estimated as the difference in the price currently paid and the price for Thayer’s LiteAire at $2.95 each.

NON-MONETARY BENEFITS: Our customers report the LiteAire reduces both storage requirements and the volume and type of materials to be disposed. For clinical applications with ambulatory patients the LiteAire offers portability

SAMPLES FOR EVALUATION: Thayer Medical will provide, at no charge, samples needed for clinical evaluations at a hospital, clinic, or physician’s practice. Technical, comparative and clinical information published by Thayer personnel and by third parties is available at or can be sent by e- mail. Testimonials or individual references from current LiteAire customers can be provided.

IMPLEMENTATON: Thayer Medical is willing to support an implementation plan in any way you suggest. Webinars can be organized to provide in-service training to accommodate various shifts.

WHERE USED: Hospital systems tell us they use the LiteAire in a variety of clinical settings where MDI holding chambers are needed for a short period of time. Examples are pulmonary function labs, and emergency departments. Customers identify other clinical uses such as in-patients who are switched to MDI medications before being released. Outpatient clinics and medical practices tell us they use the LiteAire for patient teaching and prescribe the LiteAire for portability

U.S. MADE: All of Thayer Medical’s products are assembled and packaged at our corporate facilities in Tucson, Arizona using materials purchased from suppliers located within a 600 mile radius in Arizona and adjacent states. Virtually all the components and raw materials purchased, (98%+ of the value) are produced in the United States. Supply chain management and advanced manufacturing technology are combined to maintain consistent quality levels and provide high throughput capacities while minimizing costs. Thayer’s products are priced below those of copies/competitors who assemble in locations claiming to have low costs.

THAYER MEDICAL: A respiratory industry innovator as illustrated by the original patents held on products in the respiratory category. Our ventilator circuit adaptors, the industry standard Valved-Tee for delivering nebulized medications and the dual-spray MiniSpacer for delivering pMDI medication were invented by us. We manufacture an airway clearance device and two types of pMDI holding chambers (both plastic and paperboard-the LiteAire) for ambulatory patients.

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