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Differences Among Three pMDI Products Labeled to Deliver the Same Dose of Albuterol Sulfate;
An Example of the Importance of Holding Chambers

Johnson, JLH; Guthrie, D; Hanson,T; Karlage, K; Myrdal, PB.
Poster Presentation at ATS Convention, May 2015.
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Spacer Device Selection May Not Impact Bronchodilator Responsiveness in Asthmatic Children
Langley, J; Shakelton, C; Devadason, SG; Hall, GL.
Poster Presentation at ERS 2011: 21st Annual Congress, Amsterdam, The Netherlands . September 24-28, 2011.
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A Performance and Cost Comparison of Four Valved Holding Chambers During Simulated Uncoordinated Breathing
Okeson, C; McGowen, P.
Poster Presentation at AARC 2007: 53rd International Respiratory Congress, Orlando, Fl. December 1-4, 2007
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Metered-dose Inhaler Output Comparison between a Collapsible Paperboard Holding Chamber and Two Rigid Plastic Chambers
Okeson, C; McGowen, P.
Poster Presentation at AARC 2006: 52nd International Respiratory Congress,
Las Vegas, NV. December 11-14, 2006
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The Effect of a Holding Chamber on Albuterol Metered-Dose Inhaler Product Differences
Johnson, JLH; Guthrie, D; Hyde, J; Hanson, T; Karlage, K; Myrdal, PB.
Annals of Allergy Asthma & Immunology, 2016, 117(3), p 246-250
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Efficacy and Cost Comparisons of Bronchodilator Administration between Metered Dose Inhalers with Disposable Spacers and Nebulizers for Acute Asthma in an Inner-City Adult Population.
Dhuper, S; Chandra, A; Ahmed, A; Bista, S; Moghekar, A; Verma, R; Chong, C; Shim, C; Cohen, H; Choksi, S.
Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2011, 40(3), p 247-255.
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In Vitro Comparison of Particle Size Distribution/Respirable Dose for the LiteAire Spacer Versus Misty Max-10 Nebulizer Using Albuterol
Dhuper, S; Arora, S; Ahmed, A; Chandra, A; Chong, C; Shim, C; Cohen, HW; Foss, S; Choksi, S.
Respiratory Drug Delivery, 2008, 2, p 497-500.

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